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Kung Fu Bakery Recording – “A Music Making Environment”


[Excerpts courtesy from MIX Magazine.]

On a cozy commercial strip in Portland, Ore.’s southeast quadrant lies a nondescript brick building that houses two storefronts. Walk around the corner, however, and you’ll find the entrance to one of the city’s most well-appointed studios, Kung Fu Bakery.  In its years of operation, the studio has hosted sessions with The Decemberists, Modest Mouse, MTV rockers Everclear, the internationally beloved independents Pink Martini and indie pop stalwart Stephen Malkmus, as well as a slew of Pacific Northwest singer/songwriters.

Control Room A

Plans to build a modest production studio grew in nature when Tim Ellis found a sizable commercial building on the market, one that had formerly been occupied by a kung fu studio and, of course, a bakery. Bob Stark, who had planned to build his own mix room in another location, opted to build into this space. They put together an offer to purchase a good deal of the formerly defunct White Horse Studio’s equipment and some instruments.

The renovation took two-and-a-half years, with the members providing design input — addressing everything from layout to aesthetics. It helped that Dave Stricker is a licensed contractor and headed the construction phase. The current layout feels spacious and stylish, but one of its chief assets is a floor plan that sets the two control rooms side-by-side, separated by a common machine room. To the side of these rooms are three tracking rooms of various sizes and liveness. All of the rooms have large windows — one can see virtually every tracking area from either control room. In addition, most of the rack gear is easily movable and available to either room, depending on where it’s needed at the time.

While the A room houses an SSL 6056E/G and Studer 820 and 807/Ampex ATR102 analog setup, both rooms record primarily to Pro Tools|HD2 Accel through 16 channels of Lavry converters (on two LE4496s).

For a complete equipment list, click here.

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