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Bob Stark

Bob’s Music Montage


One of the most difficult items to deal with in my producing/engineering career has been that of creating a bio and content for this website.  Thanks to the nagging of MJCreative Solutions (God bless you Michael) here we go!

It’s a fine line between humility and creating a web page that points out the virtues of you working with me.  The story begins as I was very young, hearing my three older sisters practice piano, all taking their turns at practicing Bach, Beethoven, Brahms then leaving the piano wide open for me in the afternoons.  My piano experience was pure improvisation from the beginning.  I had no formal training on piano until college.  Guitar was my instrument from age eight.  Upon reaching college I discovered there were 4,000 other guitarist all challenging for about two positions.  However, there were no keyboardists… I was now to follow in my sister’s footsteps.  Music History, Music Theory, Composition and Arranging were all favorites.  I was hooked in the music industry!

Training for the technical side of the industry did not really exist.  There were no producer schools, no mixing schools so it was off to learn this business/skills on my own.  There was internships, toilet cleaning, cable winding, note taking tedium and learning how to operate and setup a studio.  In 1984 I joined with Dan Decker when he opened Sound Impressions.  We were off and making records.  In 1992 I left Sound Impressions to go to work for another start-up, Whitehorse Recording Studios.  I left Whitehorse in 1994 and discovered the great and wonderful path of being an independent producer engineer.  I have worked in major facilities from Seattle to L.A., from San Diego to Boston.  I am still working in an independent capacity, but now have located all of my gear in the B studio of Kung Fu Bakery.  Truth be told, my job description reads more like Chief Mouse Pusher Button Presser Fader Puller Manuscript User at The Console of Awesomeness!

There have been wonderful clients over the years…  from the glory days of punk with Poison Idea to the incredibly lush orchestrations of The Chuck Israels Jazz Orchestra.

A few artists and bands that I have enjoyed working with over the years include… Esperanza Spalding, McKinley, Michael Shrieve, Tracy Grammer, David Torn, Missy Higgins, Michael Brecker, Everclear, Bill Frisell, Douglas September, Craig Carothers, Doug Smith, Heatmiser, Intervision, The Bylines, Quarterflash, Upper Left Trio, Vayo Raimondo, ValGardena, Tom Grant, Darrell Grant, Mordy Ferber, Tunnel 6… and several up and coming artists ( I hope )… LeAnne Robinson, Simon Tucker, Brandon Reid.  My apologies to all that are not on this brief list.  You all are cherished as clients and friends in a business that generally consists of one month intense friendships every three years.

My goals for the future are to be involved in creating innovative music with young artist that are looking to change the world through music.

P.S. I like skiing, biking and really awesome food.

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