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The following are some of the talented clients who have recorded with us:


Everclear Rob O’Hearn
Pink Martini Doug Smith
McKinley Paxselin
Decemberist The Trail Band
Chris Walla-Death Cab For Cutie Janet Chvatal
Tucker Martine Jason Butterworth
The Shins Kenny Foote
Tegan and Sara Jesus Presley
Capitol Records Art Abrams Swing Machine
Intervision Lars Fox
Vayo Gordon Lee Big Band
Wade McCollem Upper Left Trio
Steve Cannon Dan Faehnle
Toby Koenigsberg Jamey Hampton
Christopher Woitach Clay Giberson
Vapro Records The Dave Stricker Band
Holly Lear Stereo Crush
Stephanie Schneiderman David Nevue
Mary Kadderly Julie Larson
Toni Land Devin Phillips
Myrrh Larsen Misty River Band
Tracy Grammer Cindy Lou Banks
Tom Grant
Dan Balmer
Lower Monumental
Barbara Lusch
John Nilsen
Mark Hanson



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