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Dave Friedlander


I’m Dave “Sir Sound” Friedlander and this is a short bio on how I became who I am today.

The love of audio started with me in the 6th grade when I received a cassette tape deck for a birthday gift. I was amazed at how it worked. From that moment on I knew my life’s work would somehow involve recording.

I taped everything I could back then, from “Americas Top 40” to my mom yelling at me, which I would later play back for my grandmother to get my mom in trouble. I can’t remember a time since then that I haven’t had a tape recorder by my side. I edited cassettes with a razor blade and a Radio Shack splicing block. In 7th grade I DJ’d my first gig. It was a grade school dance where my mom was teacher. I used two cassette decks and a line mixer. In 8th grade, I figured out a way to turn off the erase head on the tape recorder so I could do crude overdubs.

I grew up listening to all kinds of music but was always drawn to funk, r&b, soul and disco -  music you could skate to. In high school, I played bass in the college jazz band. They couldn’t find anyone that could slap like me at the college so I was recruited. I eventually went to Berklee School of Music and graduated in the top ranks of the Music Production and Engineering Department. My love of soul and funk led me to Minneapolis, Minnesota to land the dream I had since high school: to record one of the best soul musicians and songwriters alive – Prince.

With persistence, dedication and a little bit of luck – I got my first session at Paisley Park Studios which lasted over 24 straight hours with a funk band called, Hot Sauce. I was in. Soon after that session, I had some time in the shop and no sooner than the soldering smoke cleared, I was put into service as one of Prince’s house engineers. In the 9+ years I was there, I humbly got to work with some of the legends of funk and soul, including: Prince, Mavis Staples, Madhouse, Stevie Wonder, The Time, Levi Seacer Jr., The Steele Singers, Gerald Austin, The Pointer Sisters, The Horny Horns, Rosie Gains, Foley, Roger Troutman Jr., The JBs and at the top of my list – George Clinton. I got to work on the “Prince” movies like Graffitti Bridge and Batman, and travel to studios around the world. (I’d like to thank and honor Prince for giving me that amazing opportunity which really helped shape the engineer I am today.) Besides recording and mixing, I got my first taste of mastering there as well, working on the critically acclaimed release, “Prince: The Hits”

I decided to move to Portland in order to balance engineering with my love of the outdoors. I was hired by White Horse Studios as the Lead House Engineer. As it turned out, my ability to get great sounds quickly was greatly appreciated by those clients that didn’t have major label record budgets. Word quickly spread and I was busy recording, mixing and mastering just about every kind of music out there – from polka to indie rock, Indian ragas to blues – I pretty much have worked on it all.

One day a flamboyant pianist showed up at the studio on his foot powered scooter looking to mix his first release. One week later, the record was mixed and who would have known that Pink Martini’s Sympatique would go on to sell over 1,000,000 copies worldwide. I have since worked on all of Pink Martini’s records – which have all been extremely successful.

When White Horse closed its doors, I decided to become independent and offer even more audio services to clients. I had a great deal of experience wiring studios from my Paisley Park days, and began wiring some of the nicest rooms in Portland. When the former manager of White Horse bought all the equipment and wanted me to help design and wire his new facility, I jumped at the chance. The finished product was dubbed “Kung Fu Bakery” and is one of Portland’s premier recording facilities.

I’ve recently convinced the owners of Kung Fu to let me assist them in taking the studio to the next level. With a team of qualified producers, engineers and interns, were going to make Kung Fu Bakery one of the most comfortable, nicest sounding, and affordable rooms in the Northwest.





Pink Martini-Splendor In the Grass Heinz Engineer, Mixing
Reva DeVito- The Catnip Collective indy Mastering
The Manimals-Body Rock indy Engineer
Jarrod Lawson indy Engineer
Saori Yuki-1969 (just went gold in Japan) EMI Engineer, Mixing
Pink Martini-Retrospective Heinz Engineer, Mixing
Pink Martini-Joy to the World Heinz Engineer, Mixing
Stephanie Schneiderman-Rubber Teardrop indy Mixing
Saving Pellican 895 HBO Sound Design
How to Die in Oregon (winner 2011 Sundance Jury Award) HBO Editorial,Sound Design
The Excellent Gentlemen-Say Yes Indy Recording, Mixing
Sally Tomato-Toy Room (rock opera) indy Mixing
Stephanie Schneiderman-Dangerous Fruit indy Mixing
New Shooz Orchestra-Pandoras Box indy Mixing
The Shins- theme for the show “Weeds” Engineer, Mixing
Pink Martini-Hey Eugene Heinz Engineer, Mixing
Pink Martini- Hang on Little Tomato* Heinz Engineer, Mixing
The Retrofits-Away From Here Engineer, Mixing
The joggers -Solid Guild Mixing 1 song
3 leg Torso/David Greenberger-Legibly Speaking Engineer
Amadan-Hell Bent for Victory indy Engineer, Mixing
Amadan-Pacifica indy Engineer, Mixing
Patrick Lamb- Soul of a Free Man PLP Engineer, Mixing
Lifesavas-“Say What You Say” Quannum Mixing
Wade Mcullum-Beauty is a Streetlight indy Engineer, Mixing
Burgerville-Fred Meyer-Nike-Adidias- TV Spots Engineer, Mixing
Christmas in the Yukon NPR Production, engineering, mixing
In the Blue Hour* Miramont Engineer, Mixing
Echo Helstrom-The Vail* indy Mixing
Stephanie Schneiderman Engineer, Mixing
Nike “Donde estas Texas?” National Ad Engineer, Mixing
DJ Spooky W/ Lee Perry Remixing, Editing
Ditty Twisters independent Mixing
Ed Theme 2002 NBC Engineer, Mixing
Pink Martini -Sympatique Heinz Records Engineer, Mixing(450,000 sold)
Everclear B sides Capitol Engineer, Mixing
17 Reasons Why independent Mixing
Linda Hornbuckle independent Mixing
Torcher Timm Kerr Engineer, Mixing
Headland Engineer, Mixing
Countrypolitans independent Engineering, Mixing
Systemwide BSI Engineer, Mixing, Editing
Jesus Presley Pain Management Engineer, Mixing
Prince- Chaos and Disorder Warner Bros. Engineer, Mixing
Prince-Gold Experience Warner Bros. Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering
Nona Gaye-Love Sign NPG Mixing
1-800-NEW-FUNK * NPG Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Prince – Space 12″ Warner Bros. Engineer, Special Editing
Prince- The Most Beautiful Girl in the World NPG Engineer, Mixing
Prince-Come Warner Bros. Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Hoop Dreams (Produced by Ben Sidran) Movie music editor
Madhouse-18 NPG Engineer, Mixing
A R Kane 3AD Engineer, Mixing
NPG NPG Engineer, Mixing
Tevin Cambell-I’m Ready Quest Mixing, Special editing
Stevie Wonder-Hot Night Engineer, Mixing
Prince-Greatest Hits Vol 1 and 2 Warner Bros. Mixing, Mastering
George Clinton-Smell My Finger Paisley Park/W.B. Engineer, Mixing
Prince-The Love Symbol Album Warner Bros. Engineer, Mixing
Prince-Cream 12″ Warner Bros. Special 12″ Editing
Prince-Diamonds And Pearls Warner Bros. Engineer
The Time-Shake 12″ Warner Bros. Mixing
Prince-Thieves in the Temple 12″ Warner Bros. Engineer, 12″ Production, Mix
Prince-Elephants and Flowers 12″ Warner Bros. 12″ Production, Mixing
Prince-Graffiti Bridge (Movie) Wqaner Bros Production-Film Scoring of several scenes
Prince-Graffiti Bridge (Soundtrack) Warner Bros. Engineer, Mixing
The JB’s-History of Funk (BBC Broadcast) BBC Engineer, Mixing
Prince-Scandalous Sex Suite  12″ Warner Bros. Engineer, Mixing
A Ha –Memorial Beach Warner Bros. Engineer
NPG-Goldnigger NPG Records Engineer, Mixing
The Pointer Sisters-Right Rhythm Motown Engineer, Mixing
The Boys-The Boys Motown Engineer
Gerald Austin Motown Engineer
MC Hammer Capitol Engineer, Special 12″ Editing
B Angie B-B Angie B Capitol Engineer, Mixing
B Angie B-Lose Your Love 12″ Bust It/Capitol Engineer, Mixing, Editing
1 Cause 1 Effect-Up with Hope 12″ Bust It/Capitol Special 12″ Editing
Ho Frat Ho Bust It/Capitol Engineer
Peter Kitsch Sony France 12″ Production and Remixes, Editing
Eric Leeds-Times Squared Paisley Park/W.B. Engineer, Mixing
Eric Leeds Paisley Park/W.B. Engineer
Ricky Peterson-Night Watch Go Jazz Engineer, Special 12″ Editing
Phil Upchurch Go Jazz Special 12″ Editing
Ingrid Chavez-Heaven Must Be Near Paisley Park/W.B. Engineer
Ingrid Chavez-Hippy Blood 12″ Paisley Park/W.B. Special 12″ Editing
T.C. Ellis-True Confessions Paisley Park/W.B. Engineer, Mixing, Editing
Trip Shakespeare Engineer
Mocca Soul-Deep Sea So Blue Savage Special Editing
Yume Suzuki-Once You Get Started Virgin Japan Mixing
Yume Suzuki-Yume Suzuki Virgin Japan Mixing
Final Lights Tocuma Japan 12″ Production, Mix
Moment Of Silence Giant Mixing
Giant Steps (Canadian Feature film) Engineer, Post Prod. Mix
Dan Kramer Thunder, Canada Mixing
Tasti Box Twitch Engineer, Mixing
Jevetta Steele Island Engineer
Hot Sauce Independent Produce, Engineer, Mix
Northwest Teleproductions Engineer, Mixing
New Power Generation Radio Show Engineer

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